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I know what it feels like to have your heart b r o k e n.

And I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.

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Men are here.

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hey i heard u like bad girls, i dont mean to brag or anything but im really really bad. at everything.

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One Tree Hill + powerful female moments

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And I’ll rise like the break of dawn!

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favorite character meme [2/4 relationships]: shawn & cory

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why is it that were always told not to get tattoos at a young age because we “will regret it later on” when we are basically told to choose a career path by age 18? i’d rather be 40 years old with a tattoo that meant something to me when i was young than be 40 years old not wanting to get out of bed to go to a job that i hate because i was forced to decide on a career in my teens

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An important life lesson from ‘Girl Meets World’ 1x02

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Let’s take the example of telling your parents that you are an ‘artist’ and maybe you’ve been an artist your whole life and you’ve only now realized that you were born this way and you are an artist and you are going to pursue art and make beautiful art… with the person that you love.

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Fairytales aren’t just about finding handsome princes. They’re about fulfilling your dreams. And about standing up for what you believe in.

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I don’t remember this Hannah Montana/Suite Life cross over :\

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